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OFFICE: Boston University School of Law 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA, 02215 Tel.: (617) 353-3773 Fax: (617) 353-3077 e-mail: tfrankel@bu.edu

EDUCATION: 1972, S.J.D., Harvard Law School; 1964, LL.M., Harvard Law School; 1948, Jerusalem Law Classes, Israel, Diploma

PUBLICATIONS: Books and Articles: See attached page


1971-Present Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law

Jan. - June, 2006 Visiting Professor Harvard Business School

Sept. – June 2005 Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School

Oct. – Dec. 2000 Visiting Fellow, St. Catherine’s College; Visiting Fellow at the Center for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College, Oxford University,Oxford, England

Apr. 29-June 1, 1997 Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo, Japan

July-Dec. 1995; Attorney Fellow, Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington, DCJuly 1996-July 1997

Summer 1992 Consultant, Peoples' Bank of China - Drafting of Banking Law, United Nations Development Program

Jan. 1986- Guest Scholar, The Brookings Institution, Washington, DCAug. 1987

1983-1985 Consultant, Bankers Trust Company, New York

1982-1983 Visiting Professor of Law, University of California Law School, Berkeley, California

Fall 1980 Visiting Professor of Business Management, Harvard Business School.

1979-1980 Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

1968-1970 Assistant Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law Fall 1967 Lecturer, Boston University School of Law

1966-1967 Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Corporations, State of California

1965-1966 Associate, Arnold & Porter, Washington, DC

1964-1965 Associate (part-time), Ropes & Gray, Boston, Massachusetts

1962-1963 Legal Advisor, State of Israel Bonds Organization, France 1950-1962 Private Practice, Tel Aviv, Israel (housing, banking, corporate work)

1949-1950 Assistant Attorney General, State of Israel, Ministry of Justice, Legislation Department

1948-1949 Assistant Legal Advisor, Israeli Air Force


January 5, 2009 Testimony (concerning Alleged Madoff Investment Scam) before the U.S. House of Representatives,Committee on Financial Services

Oct. 7, 1998 Testimony (concerning ICANN) before a joint hearing of the Subcommittee on Basic Research and the Subcommittee on Technology of the Science Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives

Feb. 16, 1993 Testimony before the Subcommittee on Economic Growth and Credit Formation of the Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs U.S. House of Representatives

Feb. 12,1992 Participant, Informal Round Table Discussion of Commercial Credit Securitization, Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs

Mar. 19, 1986 Testimony before the Subcommittee on Telecommunication, Consumer Protection and Finance of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives. Pension Funds in the Capital Markets: Impact on Corporate Governance, Trading Activity and Beneficiaries


October 29-31, 2007 Presentation. Investment Management Basics, American Bar Association- Boston University Law School

October 10, 2007 Paper. Presentation, 72d Annual Meeting of the Association of Business Communication, Washington D.C.

September 14, 2007 Keynote Speech by Video Conferencing, to Conference at Observatoire de la Finance Geneva

February 19, 2007 Member, Advisory Committee on curriculum for a Master Degree in Compliance and Ethics at New England College of Finance (Scott Harshbarger, chair)

November 30 Co-Chair ALI-ABA Investment Management Advanced Course.December 1, 2006

November 7, 2006 Presentation at New York University combined course of law and business students on ethics, Professor Simon Lorne

November 1-3, Presentation Lunch Speaker. Center for Corporate Excellence Conference, Denver, CO

October 13, 2006 Panelist, The Center for Banking and Financial Law of Boston University School of Law and Federated Investors, Inc. A Symposium on How to Manage Conflicts of Interest in Wealth Management transactions. Washington D.C.

October 12, 2006 Speaker, Securities and Exchange Commission Staff at Office of Examination and Compliance

October 6. 2006 Presentation on Fiduciary Law, National Association of Independent Public Financial Advisers, Boston Park Plaza.

September 26, 2006 Panelist, 10th Annual Investment Management Compliance Summit,

July 6, and 7, 2006 Presentation: Author and panel member, Annual Meeting Law and Society Association, Baltimore

June 24, 2006 Panel member, Directors College, Stanford University, Palo Alto

June 17, 2006 Presentation, LLM Alumni Reunion, Barrister Hall, BU

May 10, 2006 Presentation of Trust and Honesty, Seminar, SAID Business School, Oxford, UK

April 20, 2006 Speaker, Role of Institutional Investors and Regulation in Effective Corporate Governance, Center for Research in Regulated Industries, Rutgers Business School, New York.

March 23, 2006 Member, ALI-ABA Advisory Committee, Securities Regulation

March 9, 2006 Lunch presentation. Millennium Hedge Fund Management

February 2, 2006 Lecturer- Seminar, Directions and Regulation, Kennedy School, Harvard University

January 26, 2006: Presentation: Leadership Council, Kennedy School Harvard University

June 2, 2005 Chair and Discussant, Annual Meeting of Law and Society, Las Vegas,NV

June 4, 2005 Speaker: Law and Business at the Border, Canadian-American Research Centre for Law and Policy, University of Windsor, Canada, Presenting a chapter of Trust and Honesty, America’s Business Culture at a Crossroad

May 19, 2005 Callan College, for Mutual Funds Directors, Boston, The Meaning of Fiduciaries and Their Duties

March 29, 2005 Mutual Fund Directors Forum, Boston

January 31, 2005 Participant, Roundtable Discussion, Center For Corporate Securities and Financial Law, Fordham University School of Law, Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds: The Expenses and Fees of Professional Investment Advice

June, 2004 Participant, Rueschlikon Conference: Openness, Trust and Sovereignty, Zurich, Switzerland (organized by John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University - hosted by Swiss Re Center for Global Dialogue, Rueschlikon.)

April, 2004 Panelist, Practicing Law Institute, Investment Management Compliance New York

February, 2004 Presentation, Sloan Conference, George Washington University, D.C.

December 2003 Moderator, New England Legal Foundation

October, 2003 Introduction to the lecture of Professor Eli Weisel, Boston University

Oct. 16-17, 2003 Co-Chair, ALI-ABA Advanced Course in Investment Management, Washington D.C.

Feb. 8, 2003 Panelist, American Bar Foundation, Seattle

Nov. 4, 2002 Lecture, School of Sociology, All Souls College, Oxford, UK on Con Artists and Ponzi Schemes

Oct. 17-18, 2002 Co-Chair, ALI-ABA Advanced Course in Investment Management, Washington D.C.

Jan. 4, 2002 Panelist, “Donative Transfer, Fiduciaries and Estate Planning,” American Association of Law Schools, New Orleans,LA

Dec. 26, 2001 Speaker, Conference, Confederation of Indian Industry, Hydrabad, India

Oct.9, 2001 Speaker, The Common Law and Cyberspace, Center for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford, England

Jan. 31, 2001 Panelist, Annual Adviser Compliance, Glasser Legal Works

Feb 19, 2001 Speaker, Conference on Trust, Tokyo, Japan

Feb. 20, 2001 Speaker, Panel discussion on Trust, Tokyo University

Jan 31, 2001 Speaker, PLI Course on Municipal Bond Markets, New York

Jan. 12, 2001 Speaker, Directors’ Educational Project, Washington D.C.

Jan. 2001 to date Board Member. D2D Not for Profit Corporation, devoted to encouraging low-income persons to save.

2001 to date Member, Council, Independent Directors' Educational Forum

Nov. 14, 23,2000 Seminar Talk, Oxford, England

Sept. 22-23, 2000 Co-Chair, Conference, Trust Relationship, Boston University Law School

Oct. 31, 1999. Panelist by Teleconference. Open Meetings. ICANN and The public Interest. Organized by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Harvard Law School. Los Angeles

Oct. 26-27, 2000 Co-Chair (with Clifford E. Kirsch), ALI-ABA Course of Study, Investment Management Regulation Conference, Washington, D.C.

Oct. 21-22, 1999 Co-Chair (with Clifford E. Kirsch), ALI-ABA Course of Study, Investment Management Regulation Conference, Washington, D.C.

Oct. 14, 1999 Speaker, Municipal Securities Round Table Securities and Exchange Commission

Oct. 15, 1999 Speaker, 1999 National Society of Compliance Professionals Membership Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Sept. 24, 1999 Speaker, Governing the Commons: The Future of Global Internet Administration, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Alexandria, Virginia

Sept. 16, 1999 Speaker, Financial Innovations and the Welfare of Nations: How Cross-Border Transfers of Financial Innovations Nurture Emerging Capital Markets, Tufts University

Apr. 26, 1999 Presentation on Corporate Governance before the Advisory Group of the Investment Company Institute, Washington, DC

Aug. 21, 1998 Speaker by Teleconference, International Forum on White Paper (IFWP) (Internet), Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Cambridge, Massachusetts

Aug. 11-13, 1998 Chair, International Forum on White Paper (IFWP), Singapore

July 24-25, 1998 Co-Chair, International Forum on White Paper (IFWP), Geneva, Switzerland

July 1-2, 1998 Chair, International Forum on White Paper, Reston (IFWP), Virginia

Apr. 14, 1998 Speaker, Second Annual Investment Advisers Compliance Conference, New York City

Feb. 5-6, 1998 Speaker, ALI-ABA Course of Study, Investment Adviser Regulation Conference, Washington, DC

Dec. 4, 1997 Speaker, International Conference on Asset Securitization, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Oct. 17, 1997 Panelist, Fiduciary Duties of Investment Managers, International Conference on Legal Aspects of Investment Management, organized by Ceje Droit Bancaire & Financier, University of Geneva

May 23, 1997 Speaker, Association of Trust Banks, Japan, Tokyo, Issues concerning fiduciary duties and Securitization

Feb. 18-19, 1997 Speaker, Issues Concerning Emerging Markets, presented at the Conference: "Comparative Study of Internationalization of Emerging Markets and its Application to China," Beijing, China

Jan. 30, 1997 Speaker, The 1996 Amendments of the Advisers Act, Proposed Implementing Rules, ALI-ABA Course on Investment Advisers, Washington DC

Oct. 16-17, 1997 Co-Chair (with Clifford Kirsch), ALI-ABA Advance Course Study, Regulation of Investment Management, Washington, DC

Oct. 17-18, 1996 Co-chair (with Clifford Kirsch), ALI-ABA Advanced Course Study, Investment Management Regulation, Washington, D.C.

Oct. 12-13, 1995 Co-chair (with Clifford Kirsch), ALI-ABA Advanced Course Study, Investment Management Regulation, Washington, D.C.

Apr. 21, 1994 Speaker, Seminar on Mutual Fund and Investment Advisor Compliance for New Complex Products & Transactions. Institute for International Research. New York

Sept. 13, 1994 Panel Member, Spotlight On Derivatives, Facing New Realities: What Capabilities and Controls Do Funds Need for the Derivatives Business Today? Some Suggested Guides for Fund Directors, Organized by Fund Directions

June 12, 1992 Panel Member, Annual New England Securities Conference

1990 Member, Advisory Committee Restatement of Trusts (Third), American Law Institute

1984 Speaker: Symposium: Current Issues in Corporate Governance, 45 Ohio State L. J. 629-63.


Massachusetts Bar Association; American Bar Association, Section of Corporate, Banking and Business Law; Member, American Bar Foundation; Life Member, American Law Institute;Israeli Bar (limited); Member, Board of Editors Investment Lawyer (Aspen Law & Business), Member, Board of Editors, Regulation and Governance (Blackwell, Inc.);Member, Board of Editors, Villanova Journal of Law and Investment

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